Just Chillin in Hotel Mon Signor

  • January 19, 2020
  • January 19, 2020
Dorpstraat 399831DeurleBelgium

Just Chillin in Hotel Mon Signor is an interdisciplinary family gathering around the theme of connecting the body and mind.


Borrowing the fictional hotel name from the 1995 movie Four Rooms, this informal exposition is realized as four loosely connected events:

  • an art exhibition,
  • a book launch,
  • drawing workshops
  • mini yoga sessions.

Nestnomad is pleased to bring artists and communities, children and adults, closer for an informal Sunday afternoon gathering, where they can familiarize with art, each other and themselves. On the debut of Nestnomad – the “bellboy” on his first day on the job – we wish to explore the self and community and together lay a good foundation for future collaborations.

Our collaborators

We are proud to announce our collaborators’ list for Just Chillin as follows:

Bogdan Viki Bear

Viktoria Bogdan – artist, illustrator

Viki Bogdan is a Hungarian illustrator and graphic designer living in Belgium. Graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, she has taught at the Visual Arts Academy Budapest. Now she illustrates children books and other publications, when not running Marathons or practicing yoga.


Rita Eperjesi – new media artist and art director

Hungarian artist based in Berlin and Budapest, she focuses on creating abstract interactive virtual spaces and human connections. In the centre of her interest lie humans, technology and ideas, and especially the combinations of these. She, for example, investigates ideas moving humans, humans connecting to other humans, machines making better humans or robots generating ideas. She also likes shiny textures, bubbles and clouds.

A truly inter-disciplinary artist, she has founded Creative Code Budapest, a community meetup for people working at the intersection of art and technology. Originally graduated as an architect, she is also a designer and winner of several competitions for young advertisers.


Barbara Haeck – yogini, teacher

Barbara Haeck, or in short Babs, is a Belgian high school physical education teacher and mother of two. She is a Bikram yoga addict and follows a plant-based lifestyle for the last 35 years. Her motto is: “The key to never getting tired? Enjoy the process!”


Nora Janakakisz – author, yoga teacher

Nora Janakakisz is a Hungarian-Greek author and educator based in Athens, Greece. She is a PhD candidate in intercultural education and a registered yoga teacher. After writing schoolbooks she has combined her passion for teaching kids and practicing yoga in authoring Little Yogi.


Maud Oonk – artist, curator

Amsterdam-based Dutch artist-curator Maud Oonk, considers playing to be the core of her artistic practice. As she explains: “By playing I mean the activity itself; in a conscious, direct way, a different approach to ordinary means. I play with experiences/materials/thoughts and other mannerisms to create installations and performances.”

With her project space called The Orchid and the Wasp in Amsterdam she provides exhibition platforms for invited artists. In the framework of her artistic programs she encourages them to experiment with new ways of presenting their works by focusing on their creative process. She is an educator as well; she teaches art to children and people with special needs.


Sofie Verfaille – yoga teacher, coach

Born and raised in Deurle, Sofie Verfaille is a mother of four. She studies the human psyche and the mysteries of the universe. She teaches yoga and is building up a practice in transformational-inspirational coaching. She loves music, dancing, singing …  and the beautiful things in life!

Cover Final Photo
cover_final photo

Book Launch

Little Yogi on Board is a fairytale for practicing Yoga and Mindfulness either for children, the whole family, or yoga classes. The book is based on Positive Parenting, Yoga Philosophy and research in education.


Installation Views

Photos: ©Nathalie Stroobant Photography



ROOM 901

Mini yoga sessions by Babs Haeck and Sofie Verfaellie

ROOM 903

  • participatory art performance

Maud Oonk: Body Traces


ROOM 908

  • workshop around the theme of body awareness

Viki Bogdan: Hello Doodles

ROOM 909

  • VR art exhibition

Rita Eperjesi: the Surface


Book launch of Little Yogi on Board by Nora Janakakisz and Viki Bogdan

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