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About Nestnomad

Nestnomad is a culture and contemporary arts project space with special focus on community engagement and and collaboration. It is a curatorial initiative engaged in a wide range of activities, from cultural events, exhibitions to lectures, educational opportunities, and enlightening experiences.

“Your moving art hub”

Nestnomad is not a place but a concept:

  1. It changes locations to better adapt to the needs and characteristics of the actual art exhibition and cultural event and to rationalize the scarce available resources, building on the principles of sharing economy. Using temporarily emptied buildings to host arts and cultural events is beneficial to all stakeholders, such as the property owners, their neighbors, artists, the community.
  2. Through our program we also intend to move the audience, and in general the broad community: to prompt the criticism and generation of knowledge through discourse and debate around parallels and differences in contemporary practices.

Our mission

This interdisciplinary meeting point for exploration and enjoyment of contemporary art aims to build bridges between community members, especially artists, audience and entrepreneurs in an informal and welcoming way.

Our values

We commit to work with integrity and respect, not only utilizing our knowledge and expertise but also constantly improving ourselves.

In doing so we strive to enjoy life and have fun.

Our goals

Provide interdisciplinary platform to experiment and test out new approaches to artistic practices and exhibition organization.

Advance audience development to

  • facilitate accessibility to contemporary arts and culture by developing art literacy from the earliest age;
  • nurture creativity and intellectual growth of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Boost community building to develop meaningful interactions between community members, such as artists, audiences and entrepreneurs/scientists, through works that inform, inspire and challenge the community to see the world anew.

Create exhibition opportunities for artists and help enhancing their entrepreneurship.

Contribute to societal changes and improvement.


Marta Janakakisz

Marta Janakakisz is the managing curator based in Belgium with Hungarian – Greek roots. Before this role, she worked for almost two decades at the European Commission in Brussels and at the Soros Foundation in Budapest. She holds a Juris Doctor’s degree, an LLM in European and International Law, a BCs in Economics and a postgraduate diploma on Curatorial Studies in Contemporary Art. During her jobs, she has been active in various fields, such as dealing with NGOs, sustainability, arts and culture.

At a time when specialization is a defining quality of one’s profession, the need of constantly improving herself and discovering new disciplines may seem surprising. Nonetheless, this gives her a unique perspective and insight, and enables her to offer a blend of these various experiences. Nestnomad is a laboratory to systematically merge her knowledge and expertise in the different areas and to share her passion about art in unusual spaces that connect the most unexpected audiences. After being engaged as a private art advisor, Janakakisz has set up Nestnomad, a non-profit local curatorial initiative, a community art and culture hub that can serve as a catalyst for interdisciplinary thinking.


Nora Janakakisz

Nora Janakakisz is the project coordinator and education expert. She has extensive experience – amongst others -, in project management of numerous EU educational projects and as a school principal. She is the author of the School Book, ‘EN PLO’ and editor in chief of the Official Journal of the Greeks in Hungary.

  • Studies: PhD Research Student – Intercultural Skills, MA in Political Science – Southeast European Studies, MA in Greek Language and Literature, Qualification in EU Affairs
  • Grantee – A. S. Onassis P. B. Foundation, EU Program for Young Entrepreneurs, Hungarian Ministry of Education
  • Volunteer: – Orphanage of Budapest, Animal Rescue Team “Csutkarozi’s Shelter.”
  • Honorary Member of the Hellenic Cultural Center in Milano
  • Member of the Council of Minorities – Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources.

Alexandra Janakakisz

Alexandra Janakakisz is the administrative manager. She works as a project manager and coordinator of several Erasmus+ projects. She is also an experienced landscape designer with special focus on greener urban environments.

She possess a MA in Agriculture, Corvinus University, Budapest, specialization in Management and Marketing. She is a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Team “Csutkarozi’s Shelter”

Levente Horvath

Levente Horváth is the sustainability and climate change expert. He holds a PhD on the opportunities for climate change in Hungary and MA in Mathematics and Physics.

He was a university professor of Mathematics, IT and Biometry at Corvinus University, Budapest. He worked in the VAHAVA Project – the first comprehensive climate change research project in Hungary and he was the chief science officer of the Climate Change Research Group in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is a sustainability professional and special adviser for multinational companies.

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Nestnomad changes locations to better adapt to the needs and characteristics of the actual art exhibition and cultural event and to rationalize the scarce available resources, building on the principles of sharing economy.

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